Alicia Renee Diaz

Alicia loved people and loved helping people. She would spend hours working with her grandma, at the church pantry, making boxes of food to hand out to people in need. Although her grandma had a specific way to nutritionally pack the boxes, Alicia would always add her special touch by making sure each box would contain a special treat, usually candy.

To honor the memory of Alicia, who passed away at the age of 4, January 14, 2001, her Grandma Stella & her Poppy Juan started a non-for profit, 501c3,  food pantry called Alicia’s House. Alicia’s House will continue to feed thousands of hungry families and each box of food distributed will contain Alicia’s special loving touch.

* Please note Alicia’s House logo was created using Alicia’s own handwriting, and the house was drawn by her favorite cousin Amanda.*

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